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Kong whipples
Kong whipples

Kong whipples

KONG Whipple’s jumbo size launches big dogs—and little dogs with big attitudes—into super-sized fun with arms, legs and eyes that let dogs of all sizes grab on, whip and shake for instinct-satisfying fun. Unique, easy squeak action prolongs play while long, soft plush make these goofy pals ideal snuggle buddies between bouts of Whippling.


  • Jumbo size for big-time fun
  • Eyes, arms and legs make grabbing easy for all sizes of dogs
  • Easy squeak action prolongs play
  • Soft plush for cuddles between bouts of Whippling
  • Ideal for indoor fetching and shaking

CAUTIONS/WARNINGS: Supervise. Know your pets appropriate size. Remove product if damaged.
MATERIALS: Polyester, Rubber
Important: Never leave pet unattended with any treat or toy!