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Chuck it Sport Launcher
Chuck it Sport Launcher

Chuck it Sport Launcher

The Chuckit! Classic Launcher 26M revamps the classic game of fetch by enhancing your throwing speed and distance with less effort. Dogs are challenged to run farther and faster for exercise in a fraction of the time. Measuring just over two feet in length, the Chuckit! ball launcher is portable enough to place in the backseat or the trunk. With fetching fun on-the-go, dogs can enjoy the Chuckit! ball thrower on sandy shores or grassy fields. Designed to extend the reach of your arm, the plastic launcher allows for more comfortable pick-up by reducing the need to bend over. The Classic Launcher includes one Chuckit! Tennis Ball, a brightly colored rubber ball that bounces high and allows high-visibility for pets and pet parents. The Chuckit! Classic tennis ball thrower for dogs is also compatible with standard tennis balls. The Chuckit! Launcher and buoyant Chuckit! Tennis Ball can be used as dog pool toys for long-distance games of fetch in the summer. Chuckit!'s strong dog toys are designed for outdoor use; the launcher's cupped end securely grasps muddy, slimy balls, helping your hands stay clean no matter how messy playtime gets.No more slobbery balls or bending over
•Hands-free - Slobber-free pickup™
•Ergonomic handle for ultimate control
•Fits medium 2.5" Chuckit! balls
•Includes one ball for hours of fun
•Throw 2-3x farther
•No more bending over - Great for fetch
•Great exercise for you and your dog