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Tofino's New Dog Shop Located at 605 Gibson Street
Why did the Dog Cross The Road
Why did the Dog Cross The Road

Why did the Dog Cross The Road


All-Natural: Made with 100% natural ingredients and free from any chemicals, additives or preservatives


High-Quality Protein: Freeze-dried to lock in nutrients and maintain high-quality protein, making it a healthy and tasty treat for dogs


Flash Frozen for Maximum Nutrient Retention: The freeze-drying production process removes moisture without compromising the nutritional value, resulting -in a highly digestible and nutrient-dense treat and maintains the nutrients, vitamins, and healthy oils that are essential for your pet's health.


Retains Nutrients and Flavour: These treats are freeze-dried to retain maximum flavour and nutrition, making them a tasty and healthy snack for your furry friend.


Made in Canada: Produced in small batches with care and attention to detail in Canada, ensuring the highest quality and freshness for your pet.